Leena Iso-Ahola - artist
Hand painted silk scarf, long. Birch Tree series border design.Hand painted silk, long scarf, black with blue Winter Night Fantasy border.Silk scarfFinnish Land Scape, Theme from Finnish Flag, water color SOLD
Yong Birches and Lake, watercolor
Leena Iso-Ahola; watercolor,  Birches inSpring Time, Finland
Silk scarf w border of Birch LandscapeVillage in North, Winter, watercolorMiniature watercolor, Snow on LakeToward Peace, watercolorTwo Birds ove Lake, watercolor
Far Away, watercolor
Long chiffon silk scarf,design on both ends, hand painted
Leena @ her booth in HAncock MI Midsummer Finn Fest June 2013hand paited and colored neck ties, colors of Finnish flag, birches and northern lights.Village in North, SpringHaapavesi, kyla pohjoisessa w/c
Variety of original art and design by Leena Iso-Ahola will be appearing on this site .
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Hand painted birch designs on silkLeena Iso-Ahola, Finnish Landscape, Blue Birches, water color

 Home studio is open by appointment.
Silk scarves and watercolors, hand painted t-shirts, landscape post cards and more. call: 240-645-7384
 hand painted silk and cotton on this page
Finn Fest 2012 in Tucson,Arizona
Finn Fest 2013 in Hancock MI
next: Minneapolis MN August 8-14
more pictures coming....
Aurora Borealis was wild on Finland's skyes
this winter. Leena Iso-Ahola is inspired by them. The logo picture on this web-site is one picture of one short chiffon silk scarf, small portion from the end of it. We are waiting for more inspirations coming fron 2011-12 magnifisent light shows in the northern Scandinavia.
Finnish Christmas Bazaar 
 River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation
6301 River Road
Bethesda, MD 20817
on Saturday November 23. 2013
Swedish Christmas Bazaar:
House of Sweden
2900 K Street NW
Washington, DC 20007
December 3rd
Finnish Festivals
Summer 2014 FinnFest coming up in
Minneapolis MN, August 8-14 2014

Finn Fest 2011 was a great success. Silk scarves and birch tree design hand painted T-shirts sold real well.
In the festival art exhibit customers were really interested in Finnish artist's works.
Leena Iso-Ahola's watercolor Finnish Landscape of a lake was sold among others. At the very popular Gala dinner, where miss Universe from 1954, Armi Kuusela, was honored as one of the sponsors of the festival ,Leena Iso-Ahola's  miniature watercolor 'Ranta' was auctioned.  Festival was in San Diego California,August 10-14 2011.
Silk scarves, Birch design series.
Kallioranta, watercolor.
Mantysaari, watercolor
Kiviniemi, watercolor.
Ville, watercolor.
Ville', watercolor
Hand painted on T-shirt design :Birch and glittery Lake.
Secred Lake, water color
Hand dyed and painted silk scarves.
Satin silk scarf with birch and lake design series.
Northern Lights on silk'
lengths 50"-80"and 8"- 20" wide
Prices starting $45.00 up to $150.00
In the bottom of the page Aurora Borealis
painted on silk.
Leena Iso-Ahola has dedicated her series of Revontulet/Aurora Borealis to both of her  grandmothers Hilma Auroora Heikkila, who was born in Lapland and to
Aune Emilia Koskela, who loved and respected nature. The Aurora Borealis had a spectacularly unusual showing in Haapavesi,Finland on the day of her burial.
Pine Tree by Lake, hand painted on 100%cotton pillow cover.
Morning Light, watercolor
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More paintings coming to this page later...........
top, hand painted silk and bottom, sateen cotton pillow cases.
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